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While clothing styles trend highest on the list of fashion week priorities, the looks that are created are just as important. And with the involvement of the Toni&Guy team at FPW, the hair certainly did stand out. Leading the team, Saeeda Mandviwalla’s Hair Meets Wardrobe Philosophy was meted out for the first show every day. The idea was to work with the designers to create a look that women could easily adapt to and also, to promote the new range of hair products that will be launching at Toni&Guy in a few months.

Sonya Battla’s collection was complimented by the sleek and glossy hair.

A very Louis Brooks hairdo was designed for Sonya Battla’s segment. The collection was inspired by the twenties and thus, so was the hair. The sleek and glossy fringed bobs and side sweeps were classic of that time and whether kept in long hair or short, I do feel the style looks very chic on women who have dead-straight hair. Since that’s not very common amongst Pakistani women (most of us an unruly wave), this is where the product comes in. It was also interesting to see the fringes paired with braids.

This Oriental top knot oozes confidence

On day two, a top-knot reminiscent of Japanese warriors was developed in sync with Sanam Chaudhri’s Kage collection. This was a style that swept hair away from the face and is ideal for casual, day time looks. We tend to associate knots and buns with the elderly but this kind of top knowt was not only edgy but also easy and fun. I would recommend throught to the summers when it gets hot but even in winters, it would happily compliment a turtleneck sweater or anything casual with a high neck.

Maheen Karim’s retro glam collection called for big, seventies style hair.

Day three at FPW began with Maheen Karim’s collection and hers was as evening glam as Sanam’s was daytime casual. Hence the drastic change in hair happened and we saw models with high coifs, big and windblown hair, high French rolls and even beehives that may remind you of the seventies but fit right into the next century. In general the hair was naturally large curled and loose.

In a nutshell, ladies, the straight blow dry is definitely OUT unless you have a fringe and can pull off the uber-chic sleek look. If not, go for volume, go for big rollers and don’t be afraid to experiment. And as for Toni&Guy salons in Pakistan, I may be a die-hard fan of Nabila and Rukaiyya Adamjee in Karachi but whenever I’m in Lahore I go straight to Shammal Qureshi and Juju Haider’s domain at Toni&Guy. They do know edgy hair and are the only ones with a crimper!



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