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We’re already half way through Ramadan and though the spirit is somber, life is shuffling back to normal and the hustle bustle in the market place is catching on. And how long can women stay away from retail therapy anyway? Even the most conscientious need that steady shot of fashion adrenaline to keep their sanity intact; don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

I must say that I’ve been finding great pleasure in the weekly parcels I’ve been receiving from Tia at Kamiar Rokni’s. A weekly shot of fashion: such a guilty yet irresistible pleasure! We, and I speak for all fashion-driven women, have been living the ebb and flow of ‘give donations, buy clothes’. In the past one month, with so many fashion campaigns for flood relief, they have often come in the same package!

One of my friends – who shall remain anonymous – wrote to me recently:

I promise to protest up and down press club and arts council. I promise to be worthy and good and responsible for ever and ever. But oh forgive me my trespass if I say with a manic frenzy that I want every last piece from the new DKNY collection AND I WANT THEM NOW!!!! (sic) The caramels and the creams and chocolate nutmeg colours are truly orgasmic. I want to feel them, I want to try them. NOW NOW NOW!!! End of frenzy and knew only u girls would understand!

This thread was responded with a reply, which again I will keep incognito:

I feel that way about Burberry Porsum by Christopher Bailey!! His whole collection which is an ode to Amelia Erheart is just swoon worthy!!! If I had a million dollars I would divide it equally between flood relief, animal protection in Pakistan and some fabulous fashion! There. I’ve said it. Now send me to hell!”

How many of you do understand the pure delight of good fashion? It’s the feeling you get when you slip something on and dream it was made for you. It’s when you know it needs no alteration and will just fit you like a part of you, which everyone will see and drool over!

There’s a lot happening in the next two weeks; I wonder how much of it will be swoon-worthy?

  • Labels will be bringing in Satya Paul, Amna Kardar (formerly accessory designer from Lahore and Maheen Kardar Ali’s sister) and Nomi Ansari next week. Labels is always a stop on the shop-spree because of the well stocked Tia line and Maheen Karim’s cotton casuals, both of which brighten up the wardrobe.
  • Fashion model Nadia Hussein is launching her very first collection of shoes (the brand is called Fetish) at the PC in Karachi on September 3, 4 and 5.
  • Fashion designer Nida Azwer is having a limited edition exhibition called The Silent Weave, incorporating the ethnic jamdani fabric. Write to me if you want to know where in Karachi it’ll be held.
  • The Fashion for Flood Relief campaign in Lahore will be having a rerun before Eid and considering all clothes donated by over 50 designers (priced at half their original cost) sold off within half an hour, it is advisable to be vigilant if you intend to buy anything!

There is more to come; I’ll keep you all informed…

Photo credit: Faisal Farooqui @ Dragonfly


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