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With spring just around the corner it is finally time to outline our looks and plans for the season. While everyone expects to break out the florals and pastels, prepping for spring is about so much more than a seasonal look book. With people either gearing up to finally empty out their closets, or are waiting around for the summer months, spring is a season everyone enjoys in their own way.

Read our handy guide to learn about making the most of spring, from creating a relaxing atmosphere to finding practical ways to embrace the changes we all plan to make.


1. Candles 

Nothing sets a mood quite like a scented candle, so why not have your home smell fresh and floral? Lighting a floral candle adds a calming ambiance to any room, and makes curling up on the couch after a long day a much more relaxing affair.




For anyone hoping to finally get their spring cleaning out of the way, light a sweet jasmine candle at the end of the cleaning spree and admire your hard work. Check out our range of candles here.


2. Canvas Bags

It is definitely possible to look fashionable while being environmentally-friendly, and canvas bags are here to provide the relaxed yet stylish look everyone is looking for this spring.



Although a canvas bag looks low-effort, it has become symbolic of the fresh and fun nature of the season. Throw whatever you need in one convenient place and get on with your day – whether it’s running errands or meeting up with friends, all you’ll need is easy-to-access. Have a look at our range here.


3. Accessories

No matter how simple an outfit is, the right accessories can elevate even the most basic looks.




Try pairing your average jeans and a solid colour-red shirt with some embellished hairclips to add a subtle hint of bling. Haute Stop’s own Label H. offers a bunch of hair accessories that help stand out amongst a crowd. Shop here.


4. Shoes

With the weather getting a little warmer each day, it’s time to make the switch to open-toed flats. Shoes like Sarita Beige by Nineteen are ideal for going out to cafes and restaurants, and work perfectly during the day or at night. Check them out here.



 5. Skincare

Just because winter dryness has passed doesn’t mean you should be abandoning skin care regimes. Keep your skin soft and protected with Hamme Naturals’ Diamond Glow cream, which is full of necessary multivitamins and protects your skin from harsh sunlight. Get it here.





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