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Azaan Sami Khan is not new to the entertainment industry. Born to two of the biggest artists, Zeba Bakhtiar and Adnan Sami Khan, he has a surplus of talent in his blood. The musician turned actor is currently seen in Ishq E Laa alongside Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaida who are two of the most talented female actors today.

Taking to Instagram, Azaan shared a picture with his mom and stated that the Pakistan entertainment industry is his home.

“This picture was taken on the sets of my first drama 19 years ago for the legendary Sir Qasim Jalali Sahib for Pakistan Television (PTV). A thirteen-episode serial called ‘Aabla Pa’. That’s where this journey began and after all those years – Ishq E Laa,” he wrote.

“Strangely everything feels so different but some things when I look back seem extremely familiar. The Pakistani entertainment industry is my home, my childhood and every facet of it is sacred to me. Thank you for all the love you are giving Ishq E Laa so far,” he wrote adding that he’s eternally grateful to everyone. He also admitted that he knows his character Azlan is a brat.



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Later, he also held a Q&A session for his followers on Instagram, giving away interesting details about himself.

Sharing his star sign, he admitted that he has a split personality.



He also admitted that his team helped him prepare for his character in Ishq E Laa.



He loves western classical music.



He truly values his fans and supporters.



He shared his favourite line from his song Tu featuing Mahira Khan.



Like all Pakistanis, he wants the T20 trophy home!