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Spring/Summer is here! And with it comes a sense of festivity and celebration (we’re thinking flowers and bright colours). As is custom with the change of every season, one can expect a new set of trends to take over as well, especially when it comes to our celebrities. Here are some of the trends that we’re adopting to look more cheerful this season!

Trend: Bright Colours

The best thing about spring is the bright colours we can start wearing again after all the greys, blacks and maroons we were donning a few months ago. Yellows, pinks and greens make a roaring comeback, as can be seen by what Sanam Saeed wore to her film premiere of Ishrat Made in China, held at Nueplex. Paired with funky sunglasses and traditional earrings, Sanam’s gorgeous printed sari is definitely a reminder that bright colours are back!


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Trend: Embellished Nails

Meesha Shafi is one of the artists we turn to when we’re looking for some fashion innovation. With every song, show or concert appearance, Meesha always brings something new to the table. Case in point: embellished nails. While Meesha’s version of embellished nails (as seen on Coke Studio Season 14) may be a little dramatic for us to try, the colours and flowers she’s used can surely serve as inspiration for us to welcome spring this year.


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Trend: Flowy Fabrics

Can we just say, we’re excited about bringing back shalwars! The weather is hot again, and we can’t keep wearing the denims and blazers that had filled up our wardrobes in the colder months. The traditional shalwar kameez is perfectly versatile and can be used for any occasion (whether formal or casual) and we’re taking hints from Hareem and getting some new shalwars stitched this month.


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Trend: No Makeup

Nobody likes to cake their face in the heat because of how sweltering it can get as the months go by. It’s uncomfortable when the makeup starts to melt and that looks pretty bad in the glaring sunlight.

So our favourite makeup products for the upcoming heat are: water, fresh fruit and vegetables and a good skincare routine.

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