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If we had a 1000 rupees every time someone said there’s nothing to do in the city, we would probably be millionaires. Are you also tired of dull weekends? Fret no more! We are introducing a new weekly feature to let you know about all the events in Karachi that you can attend over the weekend and make the most out of your time.


12th October 2018 


1) Distorted Reality Art Exhibition


Two female artists, Amber Arifeen and Mahrukh Bajwa are showcasing their artwork, which explore complex topics like the relationship of a woman’s body with space, and how a ‘being’ observes behaviours exhibited by others. The exhibition will continue till October 22nd.

Entry: FREE

Location: Full Circle Gallery, Block 4 Clifton

Timings: 5pm-8pm

For more information, click here.


2) Comedy Scene – Hot Mic Night


How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles! This was our attempt to make you laugh, but if you really want to give your weekend the right start, head over to T2F for an open mic night featuring Comedy Scene artists and comedy debutants.

Ticket price: PKR 300

Location: T2F, Phase II Ext.

Timings: 8pm-9:30pm

For more details, click here.


3) Grand Qawwali Night


Get immersed in the music as prominent qawwal group Ghayoor Moiz Mustafa takes to stage at Alliance Francaise. The spiritual kalaams will take you to a whole another level.

Ticket price: PKR 1000.

Location: Alliance Francaise, Clifton

Timings: 8pm-11pm.

For more details, click here.


13th October 2018


1) Hum Kalami 11 – Recitations of Urdu Literary Texts


Kab thehray ga dard ae dil, kab raat basr hoge, sunte thay woh aenge, sunte thay sehr hoge. – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Commemorating famous Urdu poets and writers and celebrating newcomers, Araish e Khayal Club brings an evening dedicated to a dramatic recitation of Urdu poetry and prose.

Entry: FREE

Location: Pakistan Chowk Community Centre, Pakistan Chowk

Timings: 5pm-7pm

For more information, click here.


2) Life Coaching for Empowerment by Shazia Nizam


Learn to control and channel your thoughts with this powerful 2-hour workshop. Learn how to replace distress and worry with happiness and peace with Shazia Nizam.

Entry: FREE. (Donations are appreciated)

Location: T2F, Phase II Ext.

Timings: 6pm-8pm.

For more information, click here.


3) Light and Shade Watercolour Paintings Exhibition


If you are an art enthusiast then you will thoroughly enjoy this exhibition which will showcase artworks made solely with watercolours by upcoming artists.

Entry: FREE.

Location: Art Citi, Bukhari Commercial Lane 13th

Timings:  6pm-8pm

For more information, click here.


14th October 2018


1) Retune your Sundays: Basic Guitar Workshop with Ahmer Amir


If learning how to play an instrument is on your to-do list then this is your chance to strum the guitar, literally! After attending this three-month long course, we hope that you will not break any guitar strings in the future.

Price: PKR 9,000 for 3 months

Location: T2F, Phase II Ext

Timings: 12pm-1:30pm

For more information, click here.


2) Music Sunday Bazaar


If you have an old guitar but want to exchange it for a keyboard, this marketplace is for you! Whether you want to buy, sell or exchange an old instrument or get your hands on a new one, head out to Stars Club this weekend.

Entry: FREE

Location: Stars Club, Abdullah Haroon Road

Timings: 12pm-5pm

For more information, click here.

There’s more to Karachi than just the sea! Are you going to attend any of these events? When you do, don’t forget to tag us @somethinghauteofficial so we know our feature worked.