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Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir has had a great year with the box office success of Parwaaz Hai Junoon. However, now, it seems the actor has more that he wants to do – and it’s bigger than his upcoming Coke Studio debut.

Talking to Gulf Times, the actor disclosed that he will soon be returning to Canada – where he was raised – to be a part of the proscenium arch experience once again with/and as Hamlet for The Shakespeare Company.

“I am returning to Canada,” Ahad said. “The show will be featured at various places in Canada. I’m going back to play Hamlet for The Shakespeare Company, one of the most reputable Shakespeare companies in North America. A place where I started my career from, professionally on stage. Pretty nervous but happy.”

Ahad is not new to theatre, and in the past, he has been part of various known plays such as West Side Story, Man Equals Man, and Jebat. 

What do you think about Ahad’s decision to go back to theatre?