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Thanks to the digital age, shopping has now become so much easier. Women can easily access hundreds of brands and have their favourite items delivered to their doorsteps with one click of a button. Thankfully, Pakistani brands are now shifting towards e-commerce as well. But why is it important for Pakistani women to embrace e-commerce?


Paula Tesoro, founder of the brand, Tesoro, explains it with relative ease, “It’s a difficult fact of life here that the mobility of most women is dependent upon men, be they drivers or family members. The Internet means they don’t need to ask a favour anymore to be taken somewhere. And for the growing number of working women, it means saving time. E-commerce is the future, and it makes sense for Pakistan.” is the first online store that specifically caters to women. What started off as a small shop in Lahore has now grown into a nationwide shopping experience, with their online store offering a budget friendly collection for all our fashion needs.


One might be surprised to learn that the founder of Pakistan’s first online store for women is originally from Chile, South America. Paula Tesoro came to Pakistan with her husband nearly 7 years ago, when her husband was tired of the corporate ‘rat race’ and Paula was open to the idea of a new experience, living in Pakistan.


When she first came to Pakistan, she noticed that women were really obsessed with clothes, with their focus and attention on prints and fabrics and not much attention given to accessories. “For me, the absence of ‘accessories’ in the conversation and palette of choices was really conspicuous.” She explains that she didn’t want to reinvent the ways in which Pakistani women dressed, but decided that there should be more options in accessorizing. Therefore Tesoro started off as an accessories brand that now has a collection of handbags, jewelry, sunglasses and even clothing.


Perhaps what makes women gravitate towards Tesoro even more is its price bracket. Paula explains that while their products start from Rs.500 and go up to Rs.45,000, women are happy to spend RS.2000 – Rs.3000, as most products are within that range. ‘It depends on what occasion women are buying for. For example, they will spend more on wedding or party accessories as those need to be more formal.”


Paula loves the idea of a world where fashion is accessible to anyone, regardless of what city they live in. Thanks to the internet, Pakistan’s market isn’t limited to just 3 cities now, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. While half of the orders come from the 3 cities, the other half is spread across Pakistan. People from every town and city are ordering from Tesoro. “It makes me so happy to imagine the lady from Rahim Yar Khan who just ordered my favourite earrings receiving her purchase from the TCS courier the next day. Just a few years back, this was inconceivable. What interesting times we live in!”


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