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The official trailer for Ahsan Rahim’s Teefa in Trouble was unveiled at the Nueplex Cinemas this afternoon and judging by the look and scale of what one saw, the film looks big.

The trailer launch was well attended, with Ali Zafar and his wife, Ayesha Fazli flying in from Lahore, Maya Ali looking every bit her character Anya in a pink suit and crystal choker and director Ahsan Rahim standing tall and proud of his accomplishment. We saw Mehmood Aslam return to the silver screen after 28 years and his fun banter with Jawed Sheikh just went on to show that the group enjoyed great chemistry. That chemistry is also evident in the trailer.

“There really was no pressure,” Maya Ali commented on the stress and anxiety of acting in her debut film. “It felt like working with your family; having a fun time. We really enjoyed on set.”

Maya and Ali also shared great chemistry as they relived several shots, especially stunts, many of which they have performed themselves.

“I would especially like to thank Mehboob Shah, the stuntmen and the technicians and crew that worked tirelessly to make this film,” he said. “These are the people that make us all look so good and they don’t get the applause and attention they deserve.”

The trailer loosely outlines the story of one Teefa who is hired by Butt sahab to kidnap Anya, the daughter of a Poland-based businessman. Butt sahab’s bratty son, Billu Butt wants Anya and though Teefa sets off on the mission, it’s predictably not as simple as anticipated. It’s not an entirely original story but the production value appears so high that it will elevate the standard of what we’ve been seeing in Pakistan. The OST especially – with a Teefa-set cover of Ali Zafar’s ‘Rockstar’ playing as potential main track – sounds very strong. The beautiful, doe-eyed Maya Ali looks terrific and it’ll be fun to watch her shed her Mannu image for something more raunchy. She’s definitely got the moves!

Watch the trailer here…