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After a month long of fasting in the dreadful heat, exerting the kind of self discipline and control that can only be motivated by faith, one can feel the merriment brewing as Eid draws near. It’s tomorrow to be exact. And the next three days are a joyous explosion of delicious foods and desserts, beautiful clothes, crisp rupee notes in fancy envelopes, and a marathon of visits to family and friends.

Being a guest is easy. But how does one ace hosting the extended family for an Eid lunch or dinner without excessive fuss?

Something Haute got in touch with Zairah Maher from Pomegranate Linen and asked her about her most loved tips for a gorgeous table spread this Eid without breaking the bank.

Let’s begin!

1. Your linen


Be it a wooden, marble or glass top, a table must be dressed. A vintage white table cover is timeless. Zairah, however, recommends  her signature watercolor design table runners. Each design uses motifs symbolising abundance and prosperity in nature. Choose your statement piece according to the colour scheme that best works in your dining area and we assure you, it will be a great conversation starter.


2.  Choosing your crockery


In order to make the crockery stand out, opt for simple white or cream coloured as it is the most neutral way to go. With colored crockery, choose the set that echoes a colour in your table runner, or which matches perfectly. A complementing colour scheme would also be quite dynamic. In case of a large family gathering, Zairah recommends alternating the designs between a busy one and a lighter/quieter one in your place seating. Reserve the neutral colored crockery for the serving dishes.

3. Laying the table


A buffet style meal is the most straight forward and it is recommended to place all serving dishes on the table along the runner, but not on it. This allows for easy access to the food, and also saves your runner from unnecessary spills and stains. For a sit down mean, Pomegranate Linen offers an amazing range of place mats from their linen range which match or complement the table runners. Keep it simple and easy for your guests with just a fork, knife and spoon. You can lay your plates traditional style with the dinner plate and quarter plate on the side and this compact look also adds depth and interest to your table.


4.  Napkins


An occasion like Eid calls for fabric napkins rather than disposable napkins. Whether you are serving buffet style or a sit down meal, fabric napkins bring that touch of elegance to your table. You can get simple colour block napkins, or patterned ones. We recommend the dinner napkins from table linen range, that complement or match your table runners. One can simply fold the napkins into squares, rectangles or triangles. Optional are napkin rings – Use napkin rings to add a touch of glamour to your setting. Napkins can be placed under the cutlery, or on the top most dish at each place setting.


5. Flowers

Your table is dressed and ready for the food. Even if you don’t put anything else on your table, you must have fresh flowers for that natural finishing touch. It can be a single tall vase of flowers, taking centre stage on the table, or it can be a few small vases with a single flower, dotting the length of your table. You can splurge on a gorgeous bouquet, or place cut roses or any fresh flowers in glasses, or even just have small bowls with champa flowers or motia floating in water.


6. Candles


Candles always add warmth and festivity to any setting. And if they are scented, even better! Zairah recommends placing a single gorgeous scent on the table or several tea lights. One can even combine pretty scented tea lights floating in water with fresh cut motia or champa flowers.

We hope you find these tips useful in setting up a gorgeous Eid spread with zero stress or fuss.

Images Courtesy Pomegranate Linen & Pinterest