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Hum TV has just dropped two teasers for its next big project, drama serial Zebaish, and we’re already hooked. The drama appears to be a complex story about the reality of life brought to light by the rise and fall in fame.

The short clip depicts a much darker tale which deals with what appears to be a war between pious and evil forces. The 3o-second teaser starts with Shabbir Jan narrating, “The pride that comes with money, fame and ego, doesn’t go away that easily. I didn’t want an actress with numerous accolades to her name. Surely, when we taste our downfall, then we understand what life really is.”



From the teaser, it appears that Zara Noor Abbas and Bushra Ansari are both actresses and Shabbir Jan is probably married to Bushra Ansari. We feel that he is probably not supportive of his wife’s acting career. We also see Zara Noor Abbas getting kidnapped or being forced into a car for some reason. Asad Siddiqui, Babar Ali and Asma Abbas also make appearances but their roles in the play are uncertain for now.

The second teaser gives a little more insight into the genre of the play. It might be more towards a dark thriller. We see two kinds of preachers in the snippet; one who don’t consider women worthy of being heard. Apparently one says, “Who has asked women to not give opinions?” and the other replies, “I did.” while staring at Asma Abbas sitting across.



We’re excited to see how the world of fame and fortune will clash with the dark side. Written by Bushra Ansari and directed by Iqbal Hussain, Zebaish is a project of MD Productions. The release date is unclear as of yet.