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This post comes a little late in the day but then better late than never, right? I thought this year’s TBCW2015 needed to be put in our archives, for the event’s celebrity quotient if not always the clothes and collections. Here’s what will be remembered from the event…



HSY for MNR Studio

HSY, who was also choreographer and producer of the show, tapped into his inner diva for MNR Studio.



Komal Rizvi for Sara Gandapur

Komal Rizvi walked the runway loop for Sara Gandapur and this is the image we remembered until she upped the ante with her recent-most picture, a selfie with an ailing Edhi sahib! Even this wasn’t her best moment, I have to say.



Mahwish Hayat for Amato Couture

Mahwish Hayat tapped into her inner Barbie for Amato Couture. I have to say the image suited her; better barbie than billi?



Sahiba for DSS Bridal Collection

TBCW gave yesteryear starlets, like Sahiba, room for a comeback. She walked for the DSS Bridal Collection




Syra Shehroze for Sana Abbas

Syra Shehroze for Sana Abbas: this had to be one of the most sweetest celebrity sightings at TBCW.




Wasim and Shaniera Akram for Asifa Nabeel

Wasim and Shaniera Akram, power couple of the moment, took a stroll down the runway for Asifa Nabeel. They are loving the spotlight these days!




Faisal Qureshi for Almirah

Faisal Qureshi went dark and brooding for Almirah menswear.




Erum Khan

A very pretty Sabeeka Imam walked for Erum Khan.



Mani for Fouzia Hammad