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Tapulicious bags are truly quirky and fun statements to carry!

The detailing is at par with any established brand of bags available at this price.

Bagwati. sigh. I cross my heart and say that I would rather have this eclectic piece of art for a bag than something that comes in a six-digit figure. Or more.

These Tapulicious bags by Tapu Javeri were showcased at Fashion Pakistan Week 3 (the burqa collection) and carry forth his digital rendition of an ode to Karachi: Karachakra. I last saw a smaller, trial collection of these bags at the Karachakra exhibition last year and they must have done well for Tapu to submit to full-fledged production. The bags and clutches are being manufactured by various reputed vendors including JafferJees and hence the stamp of quality approval.

I am delighted to say that this red hand bag is now proudly part of my summer wardrobe! Other than the obvious, I love the fact that it sits instead of flops. And the dangling aphabets – T.A.P.U – are a fun touch too!

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