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Okay everyone, pay attention. Patari’s Tabeer series may have ended but the guys at Patari are already ready to release some new music! We were scrolling through our Facebook when we noticed that Patari had shared details of their latest project which is being produced in collaboration with Zohaib Kazi. Titled ‘Fanoos’, this new musical venture aims to explore the hidden regions of Pakistan through music.

“Pakistan speaks 70+ languages, yet Pakistani music only speaks a handful,” says the video shared by Patari. That sets the tone for what we should expect from Fanoos. It will introduce new sights and sounds of Pakistan and make us familiar with different languages being spoken all over the country. According to Patari, some of the places being highlighted in Fanoos are Gilgit, Lahore, Hunza, Kalat, Umerkot and Nowshera.

Anyone who has travelled to Hunza will know that music is an integral part of society for those who live there; they have a very distinct and unique sound. While we’ve only been introduced to the scenic beauty of the picturesque valley by films like Chalay Thay Saath and Zoe Viccaji’s music video for Ho Jao Azaad, we will now be discovering the unique music being made there through Patari and Zohaib Kazi’s latest venture.

Fanoos will feature musical legends Akhtar Chanal Zahri and Mai Dhai, who Pakistan discovered through Coke Studio, and Riaz Ali Qadri and Zarsanga. The project will also introduce the students of Bulbulik Heritage Centre Gulmit, (known as Bulbulik Music School) as well as Islam Habib Hunzai from Hunza.

What really strengthens our faith in Fanoos is that it is being produced with Zohaib Kazi and Kazi needs no introduction but we’ll make one for you anyway. Kazi is a composer/musician who started his musical journey by being a part of the band Kaavish, that released the very popular ‘Bachpan‘. He also released a one of a kind music album that was also a graphic novel, Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher. And of course, Kazi has been involved with Coke Studio since forever.

The series will be released through six episodes starting May 12th.