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News of the Day: Well, obviously she’s not literally going to India because of the ban on Pakistani artists (who are still somehow getting involved in a lot of Indian projects despite the political tension) but still, Natasha Baig will be making her presence felt in India thanks to her work.

Natasha has been making waves on the local turf for a bunch of reasons. She is constantly in the public eye because she keeps releasing new, original music and is performing all over the country at all times. She recently released a duet with the legendary Mai Dhai called ‘Keysaria‘, accompanied by a beautiful music video which was shot in Thar. Last week, Natasha released a single titled ‘Maa‘ to celebrate mothers all over the world. Now Natasha has informed us that she has a bunch of things in the pipeline, one of them being a song which will be made in India.

“There are lots of things in the pipeline as I keep experimenting with music every single day in my studio,” shared Natasha when Something Haute spoke to the singer over the phone. “I wanted to release my new single ‘Dewana Banaya’ before ‘Maa‘ but an Indian record label contacted me and they insisted to release the song from India by them.”

But that’s not the only surprise Natasha has for us. It turns out that the singer will also be working alongside an Indian artist for another song!

“Actually, I’m in talks with the same record label for a collaboration with an Indian artist but I cannot reveal the name for now.” We really insisted on knowing the name but that’s all Natasha is planning on revealing at the moment.

Looking forward to your next tracks Natasha! In the meantime, one can make themselves familiar with her work on Patari.