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Swarovski is celebrating its 120th anniversary in Dubai and four designers from Pakistan will exhibit alongside top couturiers of the Middle East and South Asia to honour the occasion. 


Couture and crystals go hand in hand and to honour 120 years of Swarovski, four designers from Pakistan will be showcasing at a gala evening in Dubai, alongside 36 other designers from the Middle East and South Asia. Elan, Faraz Manan, Maria B and Tena Durrani have designed one ensemble each that has been encrusted with an array of the crystals. There’s no doubt that the gala – which is promises to be ritzy and well-attended black tie affair – will be a sparkling affair.




Khadija Shah is known for the opulent wedding wear she designs and she is one designer who uses Swarovskis liberally in her designs. “The most enchanting of all crystals was the Aurore Boreale crystal,” Shah said while describing her outfit for the event. “This Elan ensemble is a definition of both elegance and grandeur, inspired by the old world charm, the angarkha has an effortlessly feminine quality to it, epecially when combined with the classic Elan hues.”



Elan's creation for the Sparkling Couture exhibition

Elan’s creation for the Sparkling Couture exhibition





A designer who just made a spectacular debut in Dubai – he opened his first standalone show along with a fashion show that wowed fashionistas of the region – Faraz Manan is another designer whose name is synonymous with Swarovski in Pakistan. Manan chose to use the high end and expensive crystals at a time when many designers opted for cheaper options. He has chosen to use gold and champagne to capture the essence and sparkle of the Swarovski crystals and said, “My outfit is from the Imperial Bridal collection. It’s going to be very extravagant!”




Maria B may be name associated with ready to wear and textiles these days but there’s no taking away from the fact that she has a substantial couture clientele in Lahore and is an avid importer of the crystals for all facets on her label. Maria describes how she was inspired to make a bridal outfit that maintained its dreamlike personality without becoming too ethnic: “The dress is the colour of peace: dove grey with accents of deep sea blues. The embroidery is a tribute to a woman’s personality- her love of flowers and everything shiny like jewelry and crystals.”



The sketch of Maria B's design for Swarovski's Sparkling Couture exhibition

The sketch of Maria B’s design for Swarovski’s Sparkling Couture exhibition





One designer who has gone all out to embrace the richness of Swarovski crystals is Tena Durrani, who claims that she has used a whopping 150,000 Swarovski crystals in her bridal outfit. “Swarovski crystals are of the highest quality, with long lasting sparkle and durability. My design is targeted towards the modern, independent woman.” Some of the Swarovski products that Durrani has used are Teardrop Crystal, Jonquil, Rose, Aurore Boreale crystals, Galactic crystals, Xillion Beads and Xirius Loch Rose.



The sketch of Tena Durrani's design for Swarovski's Sparkling Couture exhibition

The sketch of Tena Durrani’s design for Swarovski’s Sparkling Couture exhibition



While fashion weeks always put out the utilitarian facet of fashion, this gala will throw the spotlight on luxury at its very best. There comes a time when beautiful clothes must take centre stage and this is it. This event comes across as a great platform for Pakistani designers to be able to showcase their creativity while still maintaining their brand values. Durrani is unable to hide her excitement, “It’s an absolute privilege to be part of this prestigious event. To celebrate this milestone with Swarovski, in the midst of renowned names from fashion in the region- it’s an honour!”



The gala will be hosting 36 other designers, including JJ Valaya and Suneet Varma from India and Georges Hobeika from Lebanon (whose creation Mahira Khan wore to the LSAs). We’ll also be seeing a display of accessory designers who incorporate the crystals in their designers.


Watch this space for coverage of the event…

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