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Chal Para, the sixth song from Strings’ studio album 30 is an anthem that most of us can relate to. It offers a simple mantra; follow your heart and you will find your way. However, it will also make you look back in time and you will realise how far you’ve come.

We meet different people throughout this journey called life, yet, they may or may not be there with us when we reach the destination. More than anything else, this song will make you miss old companions and stir your sentiments.

The tune discusses how masks fall off, promises get broken, memories fade away, yet we must keep following our heart.


Chal para


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Chal Para speaks of the growth; the adventures and experiences we all go through in life. Shot brilliantly by director Mohsin Kamal, the video makes us hope the band stays together forever and continues to make amazing music.

Staying true to their individual style, Strings take the listener through a melodious experience which is full of energy, and positivity, while they tell a story that’s realistic and relatable.

Listen to the song: