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We are all obsessed with our phones and let us tell you something, your favourite celebrities are no different. With this in mind, we did a fun rapid fire with Iqra Aziz to get to know more about her phone habits and here’s what we discovered.


1) Which phone app do you use the most?

IA: Instagram. So I am particularly concerned about the quality of my phone’s camera


2) How much time you spend talking on the phone daily, on average?

IA: At least half of the day. Which is why it’s really important that my phone has a strong battery so I stay charged, always



3) What’s the last picture you took? (And if you can share it with us)

IA: It was taken; somebody took my picture from the back camera. And no, I don’t want to share it! I will post it on Instagram, go check it out


4) How has OPPO A7 improved your experience of using a phone? (Iqra has recently become product ambassador for OPPO A7)

IA: The best feature of OPPO A7 is its battery which has really impressed me because honestly it does run for a very long time and I am never worried about charging my phone



5) Three things you love about your OPPO A7

IA: The stickers, the battery and the camera of course



6) If you were to gift an OPPO A7, who would you gift it to and why?

IA: I would gift it to my mother because she already has the OPPO F7 and now I want to gift her the A7 as well



7) Who is the last person who texted you?

IA: I am not going to tell you that!


8) Who is the last person you called?

IA: I called somebody in Hum TV to ask my call time for the shoot



9) Do you prefer texting or calling?

IA: Calling


10) Do you have a secret folder or a secret app in your phone?

IA: No, I don’t. I have a password on my phone and no body is allowed to get in it



In case you’re wondering, you can get your hands on the OPPO A7 as well for just Rs 39,999. It is available in two colours: Glaze Blue and Glaring Gold and comes with a bigger battery which will last you an entire day without charge!


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