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SOS meaning Save Our Style!

The world of celebrity is no longer the small capsule that it once used to be, in Pakistan especially. It’s a world in which our stars are photographed, stalked and emulated incessantly. This means that appearances have to be thought out, whether casual wardrobe choices or red carpet glamour. They’ll inevitably get snapped at the mall, at cafes, at the airport and of course, always on the red carpet. And they have to look the part. We are what we wear and looking at these lovely ladies, undoubtedly some of the most beautiful and talented faces in the industry right now, we can’t help but comment on how badly they need the help of a stylist. Or another stylist, if they already have one.


Aisha Khan

Ayesha Khan is blessed with strikingly beautiful features and acting skills that make her audience invest themselves in a love-hate relationship with her character. Case in point: Jeena. She has a presence and is definitely a force to be reckoned with, but what we can’t understand is her urge to always look like she’s off to a wedding. Khan has been on our style radar for quite some time and we’ve witnessed her repeat the same mistakes, over and over again whether she’s in a Nida Azwer embroidered dress (ARY Awards 2016) or a Fahad Hussayn wedding ensemble (LSA 2016). Here’s an easy equation to follow: award shows are not wedding ceremonies so let’s not mix the two. Plus, heavily embroidered shaadi wear makes her look older.


Ushna Shah

We can give the same advice to Ushna Shah who, again, has a pretty face and has recently shaped up incredibly. We understand the urge to show off a taut mid-riff (as she did at the LSAs) but that outfit…all wrong for the red carpet. Ushna shot to stardom with television series like Bashar Momin and is soon to appear in upcoming feature film, Teri Meri Love Story. But with everything working out for this starlet, it seems like all her luck has run out when it comes to having a sense of style. Case in point: the recently held LSAs. Ushna chose to wear Rana Noman Haq, who’s a creative shaadi wear designer but obviously not too red carpet appropriate. an outfit that would have looked lovely at a mehndi function but was not red carpet appropriate at all. And to think she was up there presenting a fashion award! Eek!


Urwa Hocane

Okay, we’d first like to say that we love Urwa and she is doing a fantastic job in drama serial Udaari. Her acting is spot on! Unfortunately we can’t say the same about her dress sense. She appears to be channeling her inner Star Wars these days, evident in her Princess Leia coils or her recent Jar Jar Binks hairdo (yes, she had braids but they looked like his ears). Urwa’s quirky taste in fashion is more of a miss than a hit. Although this gorgeous girl opts to wear A-list designers, Sana Safinaz in 2015 and Fahad Hussayn in 2016, there’s something very wrong in what she chooses and how she puts it together. She’s young and she’s beautiful in an unconventional way. She can do so much better.



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