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Pakistan’s heartthrob Fawad Khan celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday, amidst tons of wishes from his fans all across the globe. However, a wish that may have been one of the most important came from across the border in Bollywood.

Taking to Twitter, Fawad’s first on-screen heroine in the Indian film industry, Sonam Kapoor wished him with a photo of the good ol’ Khoobsurat times when the actor could freely work in India.

“A very Happy Birthday Fawad! Hope you receive all the joy and happiness on this special day!” Sonam wrote.

However, that’s probably where the moment of feeling warm and fuzzy about the friendship ended. Like always, the collective trolls of the internet decided that clearly, wishing a dear friend is ‘anti-Indian’ and hate must be spewed.

Ranging from warnings over the birthday wish to being told to leave India, Sonam’s tweet clearly became the next biggest issue after Padmavati. 

Will the trolls ever stop? We don’t think so! But here’s to even more cross-border friendships!