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A wave of shock swept the television and film industry recently when the news about the veteran actor and comedian, Khawaja Akmal’s sudden departure due to a heart failure broke. He was one of the regulars on ARY’s hit sitcom Bulbulay where he played Khoobsurat’s (Ayesha Omar) father. The actress was quite close to the late actor, and his demise has left her feeling mournful.

“I’m still in shock that Khawaja Sahib or papa as I use to call him in Bulbulay, has suddenly left us,” Ayesha said, speaking to Something Haute. “I was shooting with him just three days ago for the new season of Bulbulay. He was a regular on the season,”

The cast of Bulbulay

For Ayesha, the sad reality hit quite close to home as this made her remember her own father’s passing when she was young.

“I lost my father when I was very young, I was only two years old when I lost him,” Ayesha revealed. “Doing this sitcom for almost 9 years now, people used to say that when you have been working together for so long you actually become a family and that was true, we were actually like a family and Khawaja sahib was like my father and he used to call me Acho Macho.”

The actress is currently shooting for the new season of the cult-favourite Bulbulay and will feature some episodes with the late actor.

Ayesha Omar with the late actor.


“I’m still struggling with accepting that Khawaja sahib is not with us and I know that when I return on set in a month is when it will hit me,” Ayesha said on a parting note. “I’m praying for his soul and may God grant him Jannat because he is irreplaceable and one of the most amazing people I have gotten the opportunity to know.”