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Saraa Gheewala (left) at the Snog meet-up for bloggers or Blog meet-up for Snoggers 🙂 Photo courtesy Farah Kamal @ Gourmalicious

A jazzy. cool ambience will be very welcome in the long summer ahead.

Held a day ahead of Valentine’s Day, the idea of Snogging was fun: anything for that first kiss of snow 🙂 So this was a Bloggers meet-up organized by Voila PR and Snog owner Saraa Gheewala (whose family also owns and runs Butlers and Sweet Factory in Pakistan). While I hate to think of print as a dying medium I do have to give in to immense influence of being on the world wide net via a blog, Twitter or even Facebook. So a Bloggers meet-up this was and one bumped into interesting people that are rarely seen elsewhere but online.

Back to the fro-yo (that has become the hottest thing in town since sliced bread) I had a good taste and decided that the flavours were refreshingly underwhelming. That means that they all retained the base note of yogurt with a tinge of the added flavour without posing as a substitute to ice cream. And between Original, Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry and Passionfruit I would safely go for passionfruit every single time. The fresh fruit toppings were ample and the chocolately options were also served up as guilty Snogs. I would recommend the granola which was spot on crunchy.

The best thing about Snog is that it’s sugar free as well as fat free which basically means it is guilt free and can be enjoyed freely. I look forward to bringing my dad in, who’s diabetic and rarely indulges in sweet treats!

Very, berry strawbelicious! Photo courtesy Farah Kamal @ Gourmalicious

Okay, so now for the catch: Snog is a tad bit pricier than other fro-yos around town. Take a look at the four offered sizes (below) and remember that you’ll be paying Rs 390 for Little which is exactly 140g, Rs 540 for the 210g Classic, Rs 775 for Big (at 350g) and a whopping Rs 1300 for Massive, which is enough to feed an army of sugar starved kids. Add around Rs 50 per topping and you have quite a bill to pay. That said, the Little Snog is just about as much as you need to have!

Little, Classic, Big and Massive only for the supremely greedy 🙂

Ps. Snog will be hosting an ‘invite only’ Snog-Street party this weekend so if you’re in town and are lucky enough to have received a bright pink Snog Card then join in for some live music and Snog on the house!


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