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Television’s bigwigs have come together for a mega project titled Sinf-e-Aahan which features the women of steel from our entertainment industry. After much wait and anticipation, the first teaser has finally been released and it introduces the viewers to five female cadets who will have their own journeys.

Starring Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi, Kubra Khan, Syra Yousuf and Ramsha Khan among others, Sinf-e-Aahan has been produced by Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz of Next Level Entertainment, along with Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib of Six Sigma Plus. The drama has been produced in association with the ISPR.

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The mega project also features Sri Lankan actress/model Yehali Tashiya, who will be essaying the role of a Sri Lankan cadet who has come to train in Pakistan alongside other female cadets.

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It is representing the transformation of women who are usually called Sinf-e-Naazuk [the delicate class] to Sinf-e-Aahan [the iron-willed class] i.e. women of steel.

The teaser introduces the female characters who belong to different social, cultural and religious backgrounds and shows how they shed the perceived weaknesses imposed by the society on women and embraced their strength. The teaser is extremely powerful and empowering. “She doesn’t need a hero. She was raised to be one,” states the tagline.








Sinf-e-Aahan is written by renowned playwright Umera Ahmed and is being directed by Nadeem Baig. The drama will air on ARY Digital soon.