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Simply Sufi Xprs is one fast food chain that has expanded at a truly fast pace. Their rapid growth in such little time is remarkable and after the success of their outlets in various parts of Lahore, they have now opened a new outlet at Bhera – M2 north side – to keep you entertained and stuffed through your road trip.

From juicy burgers to tempting nuggets, everything on their menu is deliciously yummy! That’s not it though; their new outlet also includes a play area for kids, which is certainly an added advantage. The brand is committed to delivering the best to their customers and is using state-of-the-art equipment which ensures their food is of the highest quality. It’s no surprise then that Simpy Sufi Xprs has already become a favourite pit stop for those travelling on the motorway!

“We at Sufi strongly believe that customer is the King or Queen. The aim is simply to give maximum benefit to the customer. Sufi group never compromises on quality and this is the foremost principle that we adhere to,” Hamza Tariq Sufi – head of Sufi Group of Industries said at the launch of their new outlet.

The motive of the local fast food chain is ‘Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani’ – a wonderful idea indeed aimed at promoting a positive image of Pakistan. So next time you’re on the motorway, do stop-by to have some premium quality fast food!

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