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Frieha Altaf is a name that has always been synonymous with the Lux Style Awards. It was only last year that Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) was announced as the show director for the LSAs, leaving many surprised. This year, however, she’s back on board!

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While Vaneeza Ahmad will be directing the Lux Style Awards 2018, Frieha is going to launch her #MeinBhi movement through the show. Similar to Hollywood’s #MeToo, #MeinBhi will cover much more than just sexual harassment! It basically means to show support: ‘I also stand by you’.

In conversation with Something Haute, Frieha said, “LSA is a great platform to honour talent. Unfortunately, by the time I was approached by Unilever, I was already committed to four events; Tony n Guy, the Mad Decent Block Party, Calpak in LA USA and a Human Rights conference. With my hands full, I could only commit to two performances.”


At the CalPak show in LA: Anila Ali, Ahsan Khan, Huma Adnan, Frieha Altaf and Ali Xeeshan.


Speaking further about her equation with the current director of the show, Vaneeza Ahmad, she said, “ Vaneeza and I just met once and the show is only two weeks away. (It’s now one week away) However, I  have worked with many teams previously so I don’t see an issue there.”

As for last year’s LSAs, she said, “Unfortunately, I was not there in person to watch the show.”

Moving on to what actually matters, we asked her about the #Meinbhi movement and why she chose LSA to launch it.

“The LSA is the largest gathering that brings all the stars under one roof. So what bigger platform could there be to launch a movement this big? The #meinbhi movement is inspired by #metoo and the recent impact of sexual abuse on children. However, through #meinbhi, every celebrity will pledge to work and help in whatever way we can to eradicate this menace from our society.”

“Celebrities have always come forward to speak about this evil and create awareness. In fact, it’s usually celebs who come forward all over the world. They are more confident, but it’s still a hard topic to talk about. Male models and actors have the worst time,” she added when we asked her why male celebrities don’t come forward as often to talk about abuse or to share their personal experiences.

She has been voicing her views and experience regarding abuse herself. Stating what more can be done to eliminate this social evil she said,”I think now we need men to speak up. Actually, more boys have gone through this as accessibility to boys is easier. We need someone who’s a survivor to speak up and not be ashamed.”

Adding further she said, ” The new videos asking parents to share (information) with kids are great. Getting to the root of the sickness of a paedophile and a serial killer is important. There is so much more we need to do, we need more reporting, more arrests, quick trials, severe punishment etc. But nothing tops awareness! We must create awareness!”