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Sports power couple, cricketer Shoaib Malik and tennis ace Sania Mirza are going to launch a new chat show that will debut on Pakistan’s first OTT platform UrduFlix. They’re calling it The Mirza Malik show.

Sohaib and Sania held a press conference in Dubai with a Q&A section. According to the couple, the show not going to be a controversial one that puts their guests in an awkward position.



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Speaking to the media, the couple told the audience that they love doing new things so they were very interested in this opportunity.

“We like challenges so we found the shift from sports to media very exciting,” shared Sania explaining they want their show to be like “a good family show”. She revealed that the show would run for one hour per episode and expressed that she wants that hour to be a feel-good one.

“It should have a lot of laughter like Kapil Sharma’s show. Ours won’t be a comedy show but the humorous element is very important.”



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Shoaib also expressed that they want the show to promote positivity.

Promoting it as one of the biggest shows of the Subcontinent, UrduFlix founder Farhan Gauher shared that the guests would be from both Pakistan and India.

The couple also launched their own perfumes – All Rounder and Smash – last month in collaboration with J.

“We do a lot of endorsement and ads [advertisements] together and we just launched our new perfume too… We have fun,” shared Sania adding that their relationship now has reached the stage of friendship!

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Indian tennis player Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in 2010 and set a great example. While they continue to play for their own countries, they prove that borders have no control over love! The Mirza Malik Show also aims to promote love and spread peace.

The Mirza Malik Show will be shot in Dubai, where the hosts reside.



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