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Shammal Qureshi

Globally renowned hair salon chain Toni&Guy, which is recognized as pioneers in all things hair, recently launched their latest brand collection, Immersion 2022. As a celebration of the Toni&Guy brand, Immersion pays homage to its award-winning salons from across the globe. And as a wonderful surprise, the global brand campaign featured the work of the CEO and Creative Director for Toni&Guy North Pakistan, Shammal Qureshi.

What made us excited instantly was a picture of model Javeriya Hanif in the collection of 12 hair trends picked for this year. Thus, making Shammal the first Pakistani hairdresser who got featured.

He took to Instagram and shared the news as well as his excitement:

“Ever since I was little, whenever I would pass by the Toni&Guy windows in London and see the images, I would always imagine one of my images being part of their collection one day. This year that dream came true. I am honoured to be featured as the first Pakistani hairdresser to be featured in this year’s Toni&Guy campaign Immersion,” he wrote.

A versatile long hair cut that utilises a twisted layering technique around the crown for effortless volume, with a grown-out fringe and face framing colour.


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He further explained how we worked with an all-Pakistan team for this campaign and thanked everyone who became a part of it.

“Not only that I am even prouder to say I have used an all Pakistan team to achieve this. My beautiful model Javeriya Hanif and talented photographer MHM. A special thanks goes out to Republic by Omar Farooq for doing this bespoke outfit for Javeriya, even though he had dengue. Thank you Omar. My technician Ghulam Mustafa, thank you for being by my side over the years. This may seem small to some. But for me it is a big step in Pakistani hairdressing history. To be recognised is an honour,” he added.

Immersion 2022 showcases the latest trends in hair fashion in combination with innovative haircare techniques. The brand’s philosophy is embracing natural texture and timeless beauty whilst championing spontaneity and boldness, and discover how our heritage blends with brave statement cuts and colour.

Shammal Qureshi


Shammal’s work which is selected is titled ‘The Velvet’. It is “a versatile long hair cut that utilises a twisted layering technique around the crown for effortless volume, with a grown-out fringe and face framing colour.”

Javeriya also shared her joy on Instagram and shared how the journey to this feat has been for her.

“From the day I embarked upon this journey of mine, getting my hands on various international shows and campaigns and having been chosen to be the face of popular international magazines and yet again, I’m blessed to be back with this new venture of mine signed with Toni and Guy. Overwhelmed to have got this opportunity to be the first model to represent Toni and Guy’s face of Pakistan globally,” she wrote further thanking everyone who helped her achieve it.

After working with determination for almost 13 years to establish Toni&Guy North Pakistan franchise as a recognized hair salon, Shammal’s recognition by the global brand is a milestone that warrants an applause. He has already made a name as a celebrity hairstylist in Pakistan but we wish more of his dreams turn into reality.

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