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In today’s commercial fashion world, having a signature aesthetic is vital to make your identity. Shamaeel Ansari is one of the notable brands that have established their name and aesthetic over time. Now after 30 years in the industry, the designer brings Mademoiselle, an affordable luxury collection for everyone.

“It is pegged for girls who believe in fashion, quality and style. You have work wear, party wear and evening wear,” the designer told us at the private viewing of her collection this weekend. Labeling it as different from her demi-couture and trousseau wear, she explained how it catered to discerning fashion followers who had a taste for style.

shamaeel ansari


With the use of fabrics like pure zari nets, silks and cottons the unstitched collection is practical and affordable, yet has the luxe feel the brand is associated with.

Speaking of maintaining exclusivity, Shamaeel spoke of the importance of quality, rather than being available at a mass level. “Exclusivity comes when you want to see quality. With Mademoiselle, we are still on limited editions because we want to give due diligence to quality and originality. We respect the fact that our customers don’t want to be one of a hundred.”




Keeping Eid trends in mind, the collection offers 14 designs with lacework, cutwork, embroidery and beautifully composed prints on silk dupattas, which can be mixed and matched. The distinct designs make each piece stand out, with the strategic use of antique embroideries, bright colours, vintage florals and so much more.

The collection ranges between Rs. 7000-19,000 and includes stitched pieces for online retail.

“What you see in photographs is what you get!” Shamaeel promises.

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