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With countless drama serials available at the click of a button, not every narrative can grasp its viewers. However, there are some which are filled with so many twists and turns, that you cannot help but keep watching them in the anticipation of what’s going to happen next. One such example is A-Plus Entertainment’s Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi, which can clearly be included in the most attention-grabbing dramas out there.

Starring Zarnish Khan, Kashif Mehmood, Kamran Jillani, Firdous Jamal and Saba Faisal amongst others, Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi is a telescopic view of family ties and sacrifices in two different settings. Where on one corner we follow Mahnuma (Zarnish Khan) – a lower middle-class girl who teaches in a school – and her family, on the other, there’s the notorious Choudhary family which is facing an implosion within their own household in a tight feudal system.

Creating two parallel narratives, Mahnuma is someone who just doesn’t know how to say no and thus her family selfishly keep ignoring her wishes. Engaged to her cousin Raheel with a dream to get married and live a happy life, she struggles with balancing life between taking care of her bed ridden mother (Afshan Qureshi) and her love life, which is getting weaker day by day.


Zarnish Khan will be seen playing Kamran Jillani’s wife in the show.


On the other hand – and probably the complicated part of the story – is the Choudhary clan, where a boiling sibling relationship turns sour when a feudal conflict leads to the arrest of Mehnaaz’ (Saba Faisal) husband, Choudhary Aftab, in a murder case. However, things aren’t as black and white since behind the arrest of Mehnaaz’ husband is none other than her own brother, Choudhary Akbar’s (Firdous Jamal) son, Ahad! If that’s not enough, Mehnaaz and Choudhary Akbar also have had their children married into each other’s families and that’s when even more tragedies strike. Yes, the story gets juicier by the moment and that is probably what will hook you to the show. However, we’ll try keeping the spoiler alerts at a minimum!

With things getting worse by day in both households, the story skips between the two narratives and we find Choudhary Aftab on the brink of being hanged for his crimes and Mehnaaz – better known as Bebe Sayn – vowing revenge of epic proportions on Choudhary Akbar’s family. However, if you’re wondering how these two stories connect, the answer is simple; Mahnuma.

Although engaged to her own cousin, things go awry in her life when her own mother in a selfish move asks Raheel to marry her younger sister instead. Thus, leaving Mahnuma heartbroken and wondering whether she should let Raheel go. Here, the story takes yet another turn and we may see the story finally connecting as the lovelorn Mahnuma finds her way into the Choudhary household by marrying into the grief-stricken family.


Firdous Jamal essays the role of Akbar Choudhary, a patriarch.

Within the meandering plot, which like a river, serpentines between a plethora of small plotlines, there’s one major character who the story would remain incomplete without and that’s Ghaibaat (Kashif Mehmood). A servant of Bebe Sayn’s matriarchal rule, Ghaibaat is the real culprit behind the whole story – who hiding under the façade of being a transsexual – plots schemes against the household and to an extent remains successful. Portrayed impeccably by Kashif Mehmood, his character has to be the strongest in Is Chand Pe Dagh Nahi.

With all the developments happening in the last seven episodes of the show, Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi is now at a place where we find Mahnuma finally taking some decisions for her life where not only does she have to think about herself, but all that has been done to her in the past. On the other side, we find the ever-changing environment of the Choudharys worsening by the moment. However, will Mahnuma change things once life transforms her from a simple girl in Karachi to a powerful matriarch in Punjab? Time will tell.

Till then, keep an eye out for Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi on Tuesdays only on A-Plus Entertainment!

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