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Hey Shah Rukh! Let’s begin by first congratulating you on your daughter Suhana Khan’s 18th birthday. We’re sure you are a proud daddy to see her grow into one intelligent young woman. If news is to be believed, you planned a mini getaway vacation with your family and some close friends to celebrate the grand occasion. Exciting times for the Khan clan, indeed! We are still waiting to see the pictures, by the way.

However, your birthday message to her on Instagram is…well, let’s just say it intrigued us. And can you blame us?

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here take a look:

Now, what exactly did you mean when you wrote, ‘…and now you can also legally do what u have been doing since you were 16…!!’

Errr, are we missing something here? We really wonder what she was doing since 16 which she is now legal to do.

Allow us to take a few guesses.

A) Did she develop a taste for alcohol at 16 which by the way, she’s still not ‘legal’ to have since the legal drinking age in most of India is 21.

B) Or were you referring to her passion for driving since she was 16 which she can now legally pursue?

It’s probably B) but we only wish you were a little more elaborate in your birthday message than to have the world run wild with imagination.