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With the heatstroke taking over Karachi, one cannot even think of leaving the house in the scorching summer heat. So, if you’re a drama fanatic looking for something new to watch, we suggest APlus’ latest drama Thays. Starring Junaid Khan and Hira Mani in the lead, the drama reloves around love, hurt and ego.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Thays:


1. Hira Mani and Junaid Khan on the OST



Hira Mani has made her singing debut with this OST, and we’ll have to say, she’s probably a better playback singer than an actor. Junaid Khan is already known for his music so we’re not even surprised there. The track beautifully captures the gist of the drama; it translates the emotions beautifully.


2. Junaid & Hira’s chemistry



Junaid and Hira’s chemistry was highly appreciated in their previous drama, Sun Yara and since then fans had been impatiently waiting to see them again on the screen. So for those who love this onscreen couple, Thays is a guaranteed treat. Hira plays the character of Rubab, who is head over heels in love with her cousin, Ashar (Junaid). He, on the other hand, has zero interest in her and if she’d take our advice, we’d tell her she’s better off without him.

3. The edgy love triangle




While Rubab loves Ashar, Ashar has feelings for his colleague, Zoya (Nazish Jahangir), and as the story moves forward, we find that she has feelings for him too! However, a misunderstanding has complicated things further. We sense a lot of heartbreak and confusion up ahead.

4. Family Drama at its best




What are Pakistani dramas without some family drama? In fact, what is an average Pakistani family without some drama? Thays revolves around some really complicated relationships; Rubab’s mother Zehra (Farah Shah) falls in love with her brother’s brother in law and marries him, going against everyone in the family; the marriage, however, is shortlived. Zehra catches her husband with a coworker and without letting him explain what actually happened, decides to part ways. She takes Rubab with her and turns bitter with every passing year. Nadia Hussain plays the other woman, who also happens to be the reason for the separation.

Since Ashar is her husband’s nephew too, (Yes, a lot of twisted relationships there) she sees his uncle’s reflection in him. While the mother hates Ashar, the daughter dreams of him, day and night. Not just that, the phupoo (Ashar’s mom) and sister are also hellbent on having the two married.


5. The important message between the lines



Sometimes nobody is wrong and everyone is right. They see a situation from the place they are standing, however, things are not always what they seem. As the story unfolds we see that Zehra is not right and her husband isn’t wrong either. There is a lot of love that has been overshadowed by the hurt and misunderstanding. Had there been less ego, lives would have ended a lot differently.


Keep watching Thays every Saturday at 8 pm only on APlus Entertainment and see how the story unfolds.


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