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Shah Rukh Khan is currently in talks with ace filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali regarding two possible projects. It is said that Bhansali has discussed two scripts with the actor, one of them being a period film and the other an intense love story. However, the two are yet to decide which film they will be collaborating on.

Rumour has it that Kangana Ranaut is in talks to be the leading lady opposite SRK in one of the aforesaid projects. When asked, SRK kind-of confirmed it, in his true style when he replied, “Yes, there is a discussion of that film too. I don’t know if that film has been cast. I don’t want to speak out of turn. It is a period setting, but I don’t really sit down and ask, who the other cast members are. It would be wonderful if she (Kangana) is there, but we haven’t honed on it yet. We have chatted about it, talked about it and we still haven’t sat down and said we’re starting this one. So, that is also very interesting, very nice.”

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Very nice indeed! Kangana is hands down one of the most talented Bollywood actresses and will surely give SRK head-on competition, and might as well steal the thunder from him, in the upcoming projects. This would take any Bhansali production even further, and we hope it does materialize so we get to see the two starring together.