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With Na Maloom Afraad 2 premiering just a few hours ago at Nueplex, Karachi (which was filled to the brim), we thought we should give the readers a lowdown of what they should be anticipating this Eid-ul-Azha. However, before we get to the film with our in-depth haute review that you’ll get to read soon, here are our five reasons to watch the film ASAP!

The Trio


From the start to the end, the trio has a strong chemistry between each other.


Simply put, the NMA series is all about the trio of Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Javed Sheikh and no one else. The ladies in the film might be there, but they don’t really play the role you’d want them to. That being said, the three leading heroes have been the main focus in the first one for a reason, and it’s no surprise they’re in the limelight in Na Maloom Afraad 2 as well. If you’re looking for another reason to check out Mohsin’s abs or Fahad’s sleek new look, you now have NMA 2!

Production Design


Hania Aamir shines in the few scenes you get to see her in.


Although South Africa is a focal point in the film and fills up most of the background on the screen, a special focus has been given to the aesthetics. Whether it’s the impeccable sound design or the crisp editing, the film is as smooth as butter being spread on bread. You wouldn’t for a second feel that the film loses your focus.

The Masala Factor


‘Kaif-o-Suroor’ looks as good on the cinema screen as it does otherwise.


For anyone who compared NMA’s trailer to any Bollywood flick, might be half right. While the film does touch on the style of a plethora of Indian Masala films, it has its own unique style that you’re not going to find on the other side of the border. Perhaps, it’s the style of Nabeel Qureshi, but this film also screams Karachiwala like Actor in Law, and that’s what we love about it. The film doesn’t pretend to be what it’s not and that’s probably why it’ll appeal to the audiences in Pakistan. Also, let’s not forget Sadaf Kanwal’s sizzling performance which should not be missed at all.

International Appeal


Both Moshin Abbas Haider and Javed Sheikh break out of the side-kick avatar in this part.

Albeit some humour in the film may have a localized approach, the film on a larger scale is purely something that you’d see coming out of Hollywood and Bollywood in regards to production quality and narrative. The no-brainer starts and ends with a very organic and earthy feeling to it that won’t make you feel like you’re seeing a glorified TV play. Thank heavens for that!

The social message


A few dialogues by Fahad Mustafa will make you realize how easily we spend money without thinking twice.

While it’s not in your face at all times, the message is simple; the one percent has it all and the rest suffer. Without going into too many spoilers, the story impeccably delves into how the rich are basically rich enough to defecate in toilets made of gold, while the poor don’t even have the basic necessities of life to look towards. If the movie doesn’t make you realize you need to save up, nothing will.

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With both Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Na Maloom Afraad 2 winning our hearts, we have to say it’s going to be one tough job this Eid to select what you’d want to spend your money on. However, if you feel like splurging a little after the meaty gluttony, why not check both out?