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KARACHI: In 2021, actor Naila Jaffery’s video went viral, where she was requesting for royalties for her TV plays as she struggled to pay for her medical treatment while battling.

After that, Senator Faisal Javed Khan introduced a resolution guaranteeing royalties for artists in parliament and recently took to Twitter to announce that it had been passed unanimously by the Senate.

The Chairman Standing Committee on Info and Broadcasting, Khan tweeted saying, “Congratulations, as the resolution has been passed by the Senate Pakistan unanimously today. Appreciate the support from all the members of the house.” He added a hashtag that read “Royalties for artists” as well.

This has been hailed as a landmark move for the Pakistani entertainment industry as the issue of royalties is one of the biggest and most unfortunate struggles faced by artists.

Celebrities took to Twitter to applaud the announcement:


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