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As you may have read in my previous post, I’m not too impressed with most of the lawn out there: it’s too busy, too frumpy and basically too everything. Spring/summer, for me, is about staying cool, looking minimalist (to look cool) and appearing fresh not overburdened or stuffed as a Thanksgiving Turkey. The only lawn I have bought (so far) is from Sania Maskatiya, that too because I wear and appreciate the brand’s ideology. It is distinctive and the lawn, to SM’s credit, was just as original. But here’s an honest appraisal because unlike the outpouring of absolute glory and gushing and fawning by marketing departments (and star-struck bloggers) nothing, not even lawn by your favourite designer, is perfect!

Sania Maskatiya 1

Sania Maskatiya 1

1. This was the first print that caught my eye and I’m sure half of Pakistan will be wearing it. It cost me approximately Rs 5000 and I’m delighted because it comes with a very pretty figurine dupatta and a white shalwar. The white shalwar is an absolute necessity in summer. Plus, anyone with half an observation can tie this design to Sania Maskatiya, which is a good thing.

I personally went short on the length and full on the sleeves to show off the pattern.  The neckline, despite being embroidered, retained the simplicity of the garment and I love the fact that I got the same print/colour for the back and front. This has to be my favourite buy.

Sania Maskatiya 2

Sania Maskatiya


2. This is the second print I got is a lovely light white and coffee brown with parrots in the print that goes on the shirt’s back. Now, this patchwork works because the colour palette is similar. It doesn’t stick out. The neckline, also embroidered, is simple and the banarsi jamevar patti that came in the package easily went on the rolled-up cuffs. I opted for a three-quarter length for sleeves and a shirt that was slightly longer at the back

The only two flaws in this design, I felt, was the coffee brown shalwar which I replaced with a white. Also, the whiteness of the shirt made it sheer and therefore a little transparent. I had to ask for muslin lining (as I hate slips and also can’t wear see-through clothes).

Sania Maskatiya 3

Sania Maskatiya 3

3. The third and last print I got from Sania Maskatiya was this graphic turquoise/cream/mustard design. I love the colours and the way the neckline is put together; a fine balance of motifs too.

I got this print put together in a tunic top style, which again looks very smart. That said, there have been two slight short-comings in this print. First, the dupatta is cotton, which makes it more of a chaddar than a light scarf. I don’t think I’ll be using it. And second, the two primary prints are too diverse to look sublime together. If this were a sleeveless shirt it would work fine but the sleeves make the top look a bit fragmented.

I originally vowed not to buy lawn this summer but promises are meant to be broken. Sania’s prints were all too attractive to avoid and the best part of her exhibition was the ready to wear. Simple and light, the tunics were a worthy success. It’s no wonder that several prints were sold out within the first hour. I wonder if I can source some for myself? I have not been impressed with any other lawn I have seen so far, including Fahad Hussayn or Zara Shahjahan though as designers I admire both these names. Their lawn prints are way too busy. Elan comes to Karachi today, Nida Azwer tomorrow and Sana Safinaz next week. I have a feeling I’ll be expanding my wardrobe soon.

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