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What is a summer wardrobe without the quintessential white kurta?

Sorry Ponds, my White Perfect applies to fashion not face wash!

Have you ever noticed how, in one season, you end up hoarding a lot of the same colour? There has to be some psychological explanation but since I’m not a shrink I will refrain. What I can say with authority is that MY summer wardrobe has ended up with a lot of black and white. White especially, and the latest is this crisp white cotton tunic from Sania Maskatiya.

The kurta comes with a longer slip that is finished with Sania’s white and gold block print so you don’t feel it’s too stark. And I chose to wear it with beige, instead of white, lowers.

It’s a great lunch option and while many of my fashionista friends may feel it borders on ‘milad-wear’, hey, let’s not stereotype guys! The only flaw is that white isn’t exactly the most flattering colour for someone my size but a) I’ve never been one to bother about appearances and b) that chin should be gone in six months! IA.

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