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Pakistani writers, directors, and actors can do wonders if given the right platform and freedom to perform in order to produce quality content. Saba Qamar and Nauman Ijaz’s Mrs. & Mr. Shameem, directed by Kashif Nisar and penned by Saji Gul is the perfect example of an out-of-the-box masterpiece. But unfortunately, Pakistani audience won’t be able to watch it ‘legally’.

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Mrs. & Mr. Shameem, the ZEE5 original series previously titled Man Jogi, will be released on the platform globally on March 11. Fans were already excited to watch the web series starring Saba Qamar and Nauman Ijaz as an unconventional lead couple and the trailer took the anticipation and excitement to a whole new level.

Sadly, the Pakistani audience will not be able to watch it owing to the ban that was implemented on the streaming portal. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) had directed all banks to stop the online payment of Indian streaming platforms including Zee5.

Saji Gul, who wants the Pakistani audience to watch Mrs. & Mr. Shameem took to social media to request the government to lift the ban.



Read More: State Bank of Pakistan orders banks to stop online payment of Indian streaming platforms

The 20-episode series aims to redefine love and masculinity with all its intricacies. The trailer has completely won the audience with its story, outstanding direction and superb performances.

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