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News of the Day: Nothing can slide past our social media warriors here in Pakistan. They are always ready with fingers on their keyboards, ready to start a war within seconds. That’s what Qandeel Baloch was subjected to in her lifetime and what she’s being subjected to even after her death.

Ever since news broke out that Saba Qamar will be essaying the role of the controversial social media queen, Saba has been bearing the brunt of a social media backlash: trolls are wondering why a biopic is being made on Qandeel Baloch in the first place. A viral meme has been circulating the world of Internet that basically questions why a biopic on Edhi, Junaid Jamshed and Amjad Sabri hasn’t been made first yet.

Something Haute got in touch with the sassy star and in quintessential Saba style, the star coolly responded that she doesn’t care what people are saying. “It’s jahalat, that’s what it is. These people haven’t even seen our work yet; they have no idea what we’re making. I don’t honestly care; I have a job to do and my work will speak for itself. Sadly we have no moral values here in this country. We are really far behind as compared to the rest of the world,” she said.

We tried to get further details regarding the biopic but Saba again very casually said that she will not speak about the project right now so we may as well stop right here. “I love the name of your publication by the way,” is how she ended the conversation. Thank you, Saba!

The Lahore Se Agay star is all the rage nowadays for various reasons: her Bollywood debut Hindi Medium, opposite Irrfan Khan has every Pakistani very excited. The film premieres on May 19 and we have very high hopes from her! Will there be a Karachi premiere? We need to know!