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Generation has been our go-to brand for pret since longer than we can remember, and with the introduction of their innovative concept line ‘Ming’, we can’t seem to get enough of the brand! They have the perfect funky casuals and sleek formals under one roof, which makes us keep going back for more.

This season Generation brings us Hydration as part of their concept line and water is an obvious inspiration for this collection. The clothes incorporate lush fabrics such as raw silks, silk charmeuse, and silk organzas and make use of fluid silhouettes, which are of course top of the trend these days! The colour palette stays true to the concept with the use of teals and pearl greys, which not only provides a refreshing cleanse from the floral galore this season, but is also perfect to keep cool with the rising temperature. Staying true to its roots, Generation plays on the hand-pleating technique as well as brings back more of its contemporary twist on the traditional gharara. Hydration includes all the trends you might be looking to follow this season: peplums, flared crop-tops and layered long dresses. However, what we love the most is a printed luxe saari in serene blue tones, which reminds us of a cool day by the beach. We’d love to see someone wear this at the next red carpet!


‘Hydration’ is another fabulous collection from Generation’s concept line called ‘Ming’

Furthermore, it is the fact that Generation continues to make strong, much needed political (and of course fashionable!) statements, which further signifies fashion as a true form of art. In this time when every possible platform is being used as an outlet to raise awareness and speak out, fashion should not stand back. This trend has been on a rise with international designers and it is a delight to see it come alive on local fashion weeks as well; we are not going to forget Generations’ plea to Bring Basant Back! Hence in these trying times when global warming is at its peak, with the alarming rate of water shortages rising not only in our country but also around the world; Hydration really makes you think on a deeper level. Kudos to Generation for yet another great hit!