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NEWS UPDATE: Hamza Ali Abbasi tours the US and Canada along with Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan, to raise funds and support for the Namal Education Foundation.

It’s no secret that Hamza Ali Abbasi has been an advocate for many social as well as political causes and continues to be one of the few celebrities who speak their mind on issues they believe in, regardless of the backlash or consequences. Hamza is more often caught in the limelight for his social and political work, than for his work on TV, though his show on Bol TV has been quite the source of attention.

Hamza Ali abbasi

Aleema Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi at a fundraiser for the foundation.

Currently, he is on a tour of the US and Toronto as a part of a fundraiser for the Namal Education Foundation. The Namal College in Mianwali is under the Imran Khan Foundation and is associated with the University of Bradford. Also accompanying him on the tour is Aleema Khan, Imran Khan’s elder sister and board member of The Namal Education Foundation as well as The Imran Khan Foundation. Having already covered Toronto, LA, Sacramento, San Francisco, Hamza is now in Seattle to meet with the Pakistani community there and raise funds to expand the education foundation.

We really can appreciate Abbasi’s sense of commitment; he is dedicated to the cause and has taken out a large chunk of his busy schedule for this campaign. This is a busy year for the actor-slash-activist as he is also caught up with the filming of Maula Jutt as well as Junoon Hai Parwaaz, which explains why he had a burly moustache in the beginning of the year and a cleanly shaved face for his airforce cadet avatar. We do think he’ll revert to growing a beard once his shooting is over and meanwhile, we can appreciate the fact that he’s sticking to his black shalwar. More on that later!