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All around the world, when a television show ends and its episodes are re-aired, they are redistributed, often purchased by streaming services and shown again. Artists then get paid for those replays, and those payments are known as royalties. However, this doesn’t apply to Pakistani stars, no matter how good their work is.

Several celebrities have raised the issue in the past and it seems that their concerns have finally been taken notice of. PTI’s Senator Faisal Javed Khan announced some good news on Twitter.

“Most countries around the world give royalties/residuals to artists every time a show, their work, is re-run, a second time or more. However, sadly in Pakistan where many artists are already underpaid, there is no policy or law ensuring that artists be given financial credit for their work,” he wrote.

He further shared how it was important to build a framework, announcing that he was in touch with stakeholders who were working on a comprehensive bill to address this matter.



“Therefore, it is very critical to fill the gaps and bring proper framework via amendments in legislation to ensure that our producers, artists get the rights to royalties. [I] am in touch with all stakeholders and IA a comprehensive bill is being brought soon to address this very important issue,” he stated.

In response to the great news, many artists including Sami Khan, Ali Zafar, Omair Rana, Zara Tareen, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Sakina Samo, and many others took to social media to appreciate the progress.



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