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Like every year, channels welcome the holy month of Ramazan with a diverse set of programmes to educate and entertain the viewers. GEO Entertainment is one channel that is determined to help you make most of the blessed month by ensuring through its shows the importance of kindness, and consideration which is the true essence of the month.

Keeping the goal in mind, GEO Entertainment will be airing four new television drama series and serials for its viewers that comply with PEMRA’s guidelines.



Taking forward its mission to educate the audience with the teachings of Islam that encourage simplicity, kindness and empathy, GEO Entertainment is bringing back for its viewers the second season of last year’s popular series, Dikhawa. The show highlights several social and religious repercussions of pretentiousness, showing-off, and posturing.



Kuruluş Osman


Turkish shows have a huge following in Pakistan and have also been a popular recommendation. The highly anticipated Turkish TV series Kuruluş Osman, will go on air on GEO Entertainment in Urdu dubbing. The show narrates a historical tale of a Muslim hero’s bravery and courage. It will broadcast daily from 1st Ramzan at 4:30 pm.




GEO will also bring for its viewers the 3rd season of its most-watched Ramazan series Makafat. The show is based on the theme of Makafat e Amal and focuses on short one-time stories that address karma. What you sow shall you reap in life is the basic theme of the series.


Ishq Jalebi

Ramazan aren’t only to create a stronger bond with God, but they also encourage one to build a stronger relationship with family and the community at large. GEO Entertainment brings for its audience Ishq Jalebi which is a romantic family drama that highlights the need to reconnect with family.

This interesting drama based on family issues filled with laughter and twists and turns makes it worth a watch. The serial features many prominent celebrities and veteran actors including Qavi Khan, Wahaj Ali, Madiha Imam, Usama Ali, Mahmood Aslam, Hina Bayat, Kashif Mehmood, Irsa Ghazal, Noor ul Hasan, and Humera Bano.



Through diverse content, we hope GEO Entertainment can make a considerable difference in guiding the viewers towards the right path in this blessed month.