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While Sony has been keeping mum about its upcoming superhero film, Venom, there’s finally some revelation about who the British-Pakistani actor, Riz Ahmed is essaying in the film.

Previously, the character names were largely kept under wraps as the movie inched closer to its release date. However, since nothing stays hidden for long, most of it was revealed at the infamous, San Diego Comic-Con.

At the Venom panel, it was revealed that the The Night Of actor’s secretive character is none other than Dr. Carlton Drake, who will then become an evil symbiote known as Riot.

“He’s a genius billionaire inventor. Life Foundation… is trying to answer the question of what does the future for humanity look like… He thinks, probably, we’ve got a future in outer space and he comes across the symbiote,” Riz explained.

As seen in the trailers, he works for the Life Foundation and is a genius billionaire inventor who’s trying to find the future of humanity in outer space. This leads him to come in contact with the symbiotes, which then go on to cause some havoc. Turns out Drake will be getting in on that havoc himself, and it was confirmed at the panel that he will become Riot, a symbiote villain from the Venom: Lethal Protector comic series.

While there’s not a whole lot to Riot in the comics other than that he’s one of five symbiotes that run wild and battle Venom, the movie will add some unique flair to the villain, reportedly.

Venom is slated to release on October 5, 2018, and we surely can’t wait to see our very own Riz being a part of such a major film!