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Imagine the pressure of consistently being under the public eye and incessantly being scrutinized for all your appearances. Imagine the kind of trolling celebrities have to tolerate when they are body shamed for gaining a few pounds, but then also losing too much. Internet trolling for celebs never ends so we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on transformations that have done nothing but inspire us. We’re talking about the level of fitness celebrities achieve and maintain to stay fit and energetic.

These guys certainly are inspirations…



Ayesha Omar

Our first major introduction to Ayesha Omar was as Khobsoorat from popular sitcom Bulbuley. Over the years, she’s gone from being a cute, chubby faced girl to a femme fatale. Ayesha has very disciplined eating habits and she rarely eats unhealthy. She also does not believe in fad diets and is an advocate of a balanced, organic as possible diet. Let’s just say that consistent working out and clean eating has helped Ayesha become the face we love!



Sohai Ali Abro

Hard work never goes wasted and it’s evident from what Sohai Ali Abro has achieved in such little time. Her recent film Motorcylce Girl won her a lot of praise and she has certainly set the bar of fitness, which can only come through discipline. Is that right?



Feroze Khan

From the once ordinary, bespectacled kid to becoming the heartthrob that he is today, Feroze Khan’s transformation is so inspirational. He says a broken heart motivated him to get on track to becoming a fitness freak and all we can say is bravo! It’s inspirational when people take adversity and channel is to their advantage.




Maya Ali

Transforming her image from the girl-next-door archetype to being a household name, Maya Ali has come a long way in achieving a hot diva status and has remained likable all throughout the process. That’s quite a feat!



Sadaf Kanwal

A combination of healthy eating and fitness is essential for self-improvement, regardless of body size and Sadaf is living proof of that. Today she not only looks radiant but much, much younger than her former self.


We wish we had the kind of self-discipline that these guys have. Their transformations certainly are inspirational…


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