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It wasn’t too long ago that some of our favourite celebs seemed to be running out of steam to keep up with their challenging work schedules. The #switchedoff hashtag was trending all over the interweb and many were wondering what the celebs meant by it. Feroze Khan said that he was tired of his workout while Mehwish Hayat suggested that she was giving up on her morning jog.

It wasn’t just that the celebs were tired of exercising only, they were also worn out by the humdrum of their daily lives. Anoushey Ashraf claimed that she “couldn’t think clearly these days” while Hina Altaf Khan said that she didn’t want to give any more interviews. Mehreen Syed, our social media queen, announced that she was “so done” with her phone while the very energetic Khalid Malik shared the following status online: “The whole week feels like a Monday, in dire need of some energy.”

The case of this mysterious phenomenon has finally been solved by Sting as the energy drink has stepped up to the occasion to bring our celebs back to speed with their work and other social commitments!



The aforementioned celebs are feeling pretty energetic now! Anoushey Ashraf posted an image of herself with the caption, “Coming up with great ideas once more #LifeKaSwitchOn” while Hina Altaf posted a boomerang of herself with a caption saying: “Actually, I’m all up for interviews because why not? Celebrate your passions! #LifeKaSwitchOn”. Feroze Khan is bench pressing with twice the weight now while Mehwish Hayat is “running at full speed ahead!”



Even Ayesha Omar is “Back in action and ready to fully celebrate the summer!#LifeKaSwitchOn”.



It seems as though Sting has helped in getting their energy level soaring to great heights because what is life if we don’t have the energy to perform?


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