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You see her walk in and some kind of magic happens; there’s a halo of glamour, beauty and gorgeousness around her and sparks fly out magnificently each time she steps in. That’s the Lux girl for you and while you can’t always get close to her, you can catch a whiff of her perfume and it will drive you crazy. This kind of hysteria is exactly what we witnessed when Mahira Khan and Mawra Hocane, two of the three Lux girls for 2017 walked in for the launch of the new TVC earlier this week. (Maya Ali, the third, could not make it from Poland where she’s filming these days.) There was a mad rush to get close to them, to catch that selfie or even inhale the same space of air, which did smell good and here’s why.

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The latest range of Lux soaps is an advance formula enhanced with distinct perfumes; the essence of various flowers is what gives them their amazing fragrance. A grand TVC was shot at the Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur, featuring the three girls in all their glory, with one perfumed soap each to their name. Mahira for the red Hypnotic Rose, Mawra for the pink Charming Magnolia and Maya for the white Elegant Gardenia.

The ad itself was as glamorous as Lux ads have always been, with brilliant camerawork, a grand background score and the signature fluttering of chiffon, the sprinkle of rose petals and the elegance of the actresses.

You can watch it here:

What we loved was the choice of soaps for the three stars. You may think they were randomly assigned but we figured there was a science behind the selection.

Red for Mahira Khan’s Hypnotic Rose




How many of you feel that Mahira Khan has cast a spell over all of Pakistan? We insist she has a hypnotising quality and it has come to notice, that while Mahira’s previous persona was the sweet girl-next-door, she has recently stepped out with newfound star appeal and oomph. With her signature red Ruby Woo lip colour, which she is often seen sporting, to the red outfit she wears opposite Shahrukh Khan in ‘Zaalima’, if there is anyone who pulls of the colour as it should be, it is Mahira Khan!

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Pink for Mawra Hocane’s Charming Magnolia


Pink is the colour of femininity, sweetness and charm and Mawra Hocane has charmed her way into the hearts of millions of fans. She also personally loves the colour and is often seen opting for the pink princess look at award shows, red carpets or otherwise; Mawra’s ‘pretty in pink’ is almost becoming a signature! The bubbly actress has a young feminine persona, and we can’t think of another colour that would suit her better.

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White for Maya Ali’s Elegant Gardenia


Maya Ali is beautiful and at the same time elegant and ethereal; she’s almost angelic, especially if you were to go by her television persona. The talented actor is known for her television characters, which have always been the kind-hearted, innocent girl who is pure at heart. From Manu to Farah, she has bagged roles that suit her image and is seen as a sweet soul, by many. What better colour to portray purity and innocence than the colour white?

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