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Fashion madness is around the corner.

The plan is to indulge gluttonously at the Karachi Eat Festival 2017 this weekend and then starve in preparation of the month of high fashion that will kick in come February and end somewhere in April. We’ll take you on the ride, month by month.

February 6: Fashion Parade Bride

Londoners will be treated to Fashion Parade Bride at One Marylebone Church on February 6 and the lineup promises to shake things up. Sadia Siddiqui, the Creative Director of the event, has managed to bring onboard some of Pakistan’s top couturiers, including Nomi Ansari, Shamaeel, Maria B, Sherezad Jewellery, Nilofer Shahid, Saira Rizwan, Seher Tareen and Rani Eman (the only unknown name on the list but the organizers convince us that her collection is worth it). While not many people will be able to see the show live, it will set the wheel rolling for the rest of the month.


February 9: Élan YPO show

Again, and already? Yep, Élan shows no signs of slowing down and after the success of their first solo show, it appears the brand is looking at two shows a year. The upcoming event is scheduled for Feb 9 in Lahore and it won’t be as ostentatious as their solo couture show but it will be something to look out for and lock on calendars. Watch this space for details, to be updated soon.

Hasnain Lehri and Rabia Butt at Elan’s ‘Palais Indochine,’ last year.


February 12: Annual Pond’s Gala

Not exactly a fashion event, the annual Pond’s Gala, honouring 100 Pond’s Miracle Women for the year 2017 will take place on February 12 and will undoubtedly be very stylish, as always. Held at the Mohatta Palace, the event this year will honour several women from the fashion industry, including Sana Safinaz and veteran fashion journalist Samina Ibrahim. The Pond’s Gala is always a high end affair so it definitely is something to look forward to.

The Pond’s Miracle mentors for 2016.


February 20: Yahsir Waheed lawn

It may be chilly as we speak but come rain or hail, lawn will make a grand entry into our lives in February and as always, Yahsir Waheed will kick start the season with his exhibition in Karachi. The market has gotten tough over the years but this is Yahsir’s 19th year in branded lawn (Brimful Designs was one of the first to start) and we’re looking forward to his tasteful take on the summer staple.


February 22-24: Fashion Pakistan Week SS17

A four day FPW will unroll in Karachi on the mentioned dates. The new council, with Nida Azwer as CEO as Deepak Perwani as Chairperson, has been sworn in and several changes are underway. “We’re working on a segment dedicated to sustainable craft,” Nida Azwer hinted at something exciting, “and we’re trying to make it as authentic as possible.” This is Fashion Pakistan Council’s 10-year anniversary and we do expect to see a lot of great fashion, or we can hope, at least.