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Known for out-of-the-box formats and runway presentations each time, New York Fashion Week commenced yesterday and did not disappoint! Raf Simons, who is known for his creativity, turned the runway into a dinner table laid out with a lavish feast for his show.

Taking place at the warehouse of popular TV show Hell’s Kitchen, the runway grabbed all the attention as it hosted a spread of wine, champagne, breads and waffles, which were all available to munch on, while models walked through the space in between.


His collection on the other hand was inspired by drugs, with lots of houndstooth suits, woollen duster coats, knit turtlenecks, as well as a sleeveless hoodie with the word “DRUGS” emblazoned on the chest. His inspiration for the show was the 1981 German film Christiane F, which tells the story of a girl in her early teens who fell into drug addiction and prostitution. “I was obsessed with it,” Raf told T magazine.

Reportedly, the leftover food from the event was donated to City Harvest, which feeds New Yorkers in need.