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Ramazan special and audiences’ favourite, Suno Chanda is a comedy-drama that revolves around Farhan Saeed (Arsal) and Iqra Aziz’s (Jiya) characters, showcasing a cousin marriage, a family member’s dying wish and the love-hate relationships within a joint family.

Suno Chanda has earned mostly positive reviews from the audience and they’re not too happy that it’s almost over. The play will now come to an end with a special episode on the first day of Eid, which is tomorrow.

“I knew people would like it when I started,” admitted Farhan Saeed but even he didn’t know it’d be loved this much!

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We asked women on Facebook to give honest reviews regarding Suno Chanda, and this is what they had to say:

“I personally love it. Not much of a Pakistani drama watcher but I watched it because of Iqra Aziz and absolutely loved the whole show! However, I have one issue that I’d like to point out, I feel it attempted to show Jia as a strong woman but they lost track of that somehow.” – Soha

Another follower backed the opinion,

“I like it but I don’t like the way it portrays love and women, but then again, I have that complain with literally every Pakistani drama. The leading lady says stuff like “mujhe uss say 2 qadam peechay rehna acha lagta hai” and “mujhe uss say harnay mein maza ata hai“. A drama has the potential to affect so many people, and I wish they would have been more responsible with this.” – Mursilat

While two disliked the change in Iqra’s character, different spectators had a different outlook,

“I understand the criticism behind the stereotypical portrayal of the girl falling for the guy, however, I feel the show was directed towards a more light-hearted appeal. Unlike most of the women (read: all) portrayed in Pakistani dramas, where they are often shown to be oppressed, well-behaved and quiet, Jia is remarkably shown to be realistic and all of us can relate to her. She DOES argue and fight with her parents AND DOES NOT ALWAYS obey them. She differs from Kinza by being more bold, outspoken (but is also like Kinza because she is also giving a hand in household chores). Jia repeatedly dreams to go abroad to Study at LSE. Her character development in the show signifies that there is always more to a person. The show is also humorous with the sarcastic Punjabi thrown in along the way, and the little brother is JUST ADORABLE. I think the drama took a toll from the usual and normative Pakistani dramas but yet still needs a little working with the dialogues.” – Suha



“I love it. Mainly because it’s light and lame and funny. Characters are on point and so is the acting. Love the dialogues. We see ourselves in these characters and let’s be honest, the show does depict realities in a funny way.” – Wajiha

Some fans just couldn’t deal with the fact that it’s ending and they were quite vocal about it. They also stressed that you do not have to bring logic into everything.  And guess what? We kinda get the point! If people can watch Salman Khan movies, then why not this?

“A very light humorous drama. I especially like the diversity of personalities there are within the same family, though it’s not easy and practical. I also like how the elders of the family take control of different situations,” shared Saadia while Ayesha added, “I love the Punjabi dialogues. Apni apni feelz.

But not everyone who watched it loved it! While some are already requesting for a season 2, there are also those who couldn’t stand Iqra Aziz’s overacting. In fact, there is also an ongoing debate that Suno Chanda reminds them of another popular drama, Aangan.

What are your views?

  • The survey was conducted on Soul Sisters and Soul Bitches