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Priyanka Chopra has been on a high road to success and her star power lately seems to know no bounds. From recently making it to the list of top 10 celebrities in the Forbes Indian Celebrity 100 list and being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to her big stints in Hollywood, she’s been the brightest luminary in Bollywood. However, if you think she’s all about the glamour and not about equity, think again!

An advocate of equal rights and gender equality, in a recent interview Priyanka spoke about the careless use of the term ‘feminism.’

“There is movement but it is very nominal. We need to work so much more. In our country and across the globe, girls are treated as a secondary citizen. They face violence and abuse everywhere. And feminism is a way to control that situation, but it has become a negative term.” Priyanka stated.

Priyanka has efficiently been working on philanthropic causes and has also been awarded the Mother Teresa Memorial Award recently.

“I believe a lot of people still don’t understand the actual meaning of feminism. Feminism and empowerment are two words which people overuse, without even understanding the meaning properly,” the actress aptly explained. “People are conditioned in a way that for them the only job a woman has is to give birth to babies or take care of the home. I am not denying that this is what makes women so special. We have this power to give life. But we are still judged for being ambitious. This kind of conditioning also stops girls from dreaming big. This is a disheartening situation.” 

More power to you, Priyanka!